Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Book for Sale: Small Town ~ Big Vision

A year ago we were chalk drawing on the site, over the next two week we covered 90,000 sq. ft. and set a new World Record. Please join us now in celebrating by buying our new book to share the creative energy and support future project with youth and community.

SMALL TOWN ~ BIG VISION is the story of the Kids' Chalk Art Project ~ a creative community event that set a new world record for the largest chalk drawing, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

May 27 - June 7, 2008: 6,000 participants, including over 3,800 elementary school students; two weeks of chalk drawing, 90,000 square feet (300' x 300'), the story of a salamander and ginkgo leaf, lots of chalk, a satellite photograph, and a special dog.

The Kids' Chalk Art Project is the first collaboration of Re-Enchanting the World Through Art, a nonprofit that supports and inspires the creative spirit in youth and community.

For an Artist, a vision is a dime a dozen, that's less than a penny per vision. Having them is worthless unless you do something with them, which is priceless. ~ Mark Wagner

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Excerpt from the Book

Next week we launch our NEW BOOK!

80 pages of beautiful color photographs of our world record chalk drawing made a year ago by the kids and community of Alameda, CA USA.

Please join us in celebrating our efforts into keeping the arts alive for our kids, for the future, and for us all now.

School flyer going out to all the elementary school parents.

Excerpt for the book:
Along the Way: A Few Lessons
I Learned About Dreaming Big Dreams

• If you are going to dream big, be prepared to pay dearly. Dreamers pay in blood, sweat, and real tears for the wisdom they receive and the experience they get along the way.

• Dreamers require co-conspirators. You need to enroll others in your vision, you can’t do it alone.

• Asking for help is an art of its own. Keep asking, never stop. You'll never know if the person beside you wants to be involved in the project otherwise.

• Be prepared to have your original vision changed along the way, it's a natural process, pay attention, go with the flow.

• You get much more out of a community project than you put in. Awareness of what you achieved will transform you for the rest of your life.

• To dream big dreams and see them through, you need a strong internal fire to keep going. That fire will have to keep you warm on many lonely nights.

• When it comes to volunteers, there are two classes: those with the best intentions
and those whose best intentions are backed by real action. Whether your dream becomes reality or not depends on the latter.

• Consider carefully all the advice that you get along the way – but don't be afraid to ignore it and follow your intuition.

• Many people will not understand your dream at first. No matter: they will be inspired by your passion and want to be part of it themselves.

• If you are a dreamer and you aren't a master of all the skills you need
(e.g. accounting, project management, organization), surround yourself as soon as possible with people who are.

• Many people will tell you that your dream is impossible to achieve. Thank them politely - and get back to work.

• Be a maker of miracles. Everyone wants to be a part of a miracle.

Kevin Carrel Footer
Documentary Film Maker

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Youth in Art - Italian Street Painting Festival

The Italian Street Painting Festival by Youth in Arts in San Rafael CA is coming up June 13 - 14th. It's one of the largest chalk drawing festival in the country and in the world. Hundreds of artist come to draw and thousands of people come to watch, listen to great music, eat excellent food.

If you live in the area it's not to be missed. I have been drawing there ever since it began some 15 years ago.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Art of Driving - BMW

I saw this BMW ad last night at the movies for the first time - wow! I wish I had Art Directed that! It made me think about the chalk drawing we did last year that set a World Record.

I am going to get in touch with BMW, see if that want to do a chalk drawing ad with their cars!

Driving around my Toyota truck on site was always so cool, so big, surreal.