Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mark Wagner ev Caracas (Venezuela)

See the You Tube Video

Exciting... a new video from the wonderful, amazing, and creative people from IARTES (Instituto de las Artes de la Imagen y el Espacio), the Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura, and the videographer Luis Hurtado.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drawing on Earth

If you noticed we just renamed our nonprofit, we are filing for a new 501(c)3, building our board, rewriting our business proposal, begin to redesign our web site, and seek for new sponsors as we step into this new 5 year Global Storybook project. Pretty exciting! And seems like lots of work from here. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Drawing on Earth

Hi Everyone,

Moving slow these days. The focus is creating our own nonprofit - Drawing on Earth. We have been a full affiliate of Bridges With Youth and after consulting with a few mentors we have decided to be our own. So it's paper work and understanding the process. Along with this comes business plans, proposals, and beginning to look for grants funding.

Add being a dad of two teenage girls, teaching art at two colleges, other exciting free lance graphic design gigs, and my first art show since 1994.

I recently had the wonderful honor of hanging out with Daniel Dancer who also works with kids creating large art projects that are photographed from above in a crane or air balloon. His work is called Art for the Sky. We are beginning to vision some collaborate projects using my chalk drawings and his kids as art, it's pretty exciting, definitely thinking out of the box!

Daniel Dancer - Sky Bear

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

USA TODAY Guinness Book of World Records

In the News

USA TODAY Guinness Book of World Records
Slide 19 = Largest Chalk Drawing

Largest Chalk Pavement Art

The largest chalk pavement art measures 3, 361.31 meters (90,000 sq. ft.) and was created by 5,678 children from the schools in Alameda CA, for the Kid's Chalk Art Project between May 27 and June 7, 2008.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Naming Process

Franklin Elementary School, Alameda CA - 2006

Still in the process of naming, of renaming the foundation/nonprofit, and naming the current project. I have been advised to move forward and create my own nonprofit and not be an affiliate with anyone else.

Here is what's happening in the moment. We own the URL's but they are not live.

One Creative Planet
A nonprofit that supports and inspires creativity in youth and community

Present Project:
Drawing on Earth
A global storybook

Stay tuned:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Storybook Planet

Photo from world record 2008, Alameda CA, USA

Finally came up with a name for the present project.
Storybook Planet
A Tale Drawn Around the World

Got the url:
Now we get to build a new site.

I also wrote a draft about the project, an ad for Craigslist for Board of Director and team players, and a Children's Museum proposal. If you are interested or know anyone, have them get in touch with us. We can work virtual.


Feb. 2010


• 2003 artist Mark Wagner had a vision about creating the world’s largest chalk drawing.

• Why? to raise awareness of the non existence of art teachers in the local elementary school district, to help raise funds for art teachers and supplies, and to give the kids a creative experience they would always remember.

• Five years later, after 2 years of hard work, it happened. 6,000 people (over 3,800 elementary school kids), 90,000 sq. ft. (almost 2 football fields), two weeks, and a photograph from a satellite 425 miles up.

• Guinness World Record award, 2010 book.

• The nonprofit, Re-Enchanting the World through Art was created out of this project. Mission: to support and inspire the creative spirit in youth and community.

• An 80 page book, Small Town ~ Big Vision and a 30 minute documentary film were produced and currently seeking publication and distribution.

• Next project begins: Storybook Planet. Five year project creating large community chalk drawing on all seven continents telling one big story.

• Goal is to create a global collaboration creative art experience that gives kids and communities a sense of belonging and contributing to something greater.

• Create a book to give to the United Nation and world leaders sharing the creative love!

• First page of the book - Dec. 2009: Caracas, Venezuela. 1,500 children and community chalk drawing over 2 days. Event combined with an one day 3D chalk drawing Master Class for professional artists. Extremely successful event.


Storybook Planet: Nonprofit for Board of Director and Team

Craigslist Draft

Storybook Planet: nonprofit global kids/community art project seeking board members and team.

Storybook Planet: A Tale Drawn Around the World. Interested in art, kids, local and global communities, and a big adventure? A five year global community art project is beginning and our nonprofit is expanding. We are looking for a few passionate, professional, fund raisers, design and media specialists, business and visionary leaders. Partime, possible paid positions as we get funded.

Artist Mark Wagner created a large community art project in 2008 that set a Guinness World Record for the largest chalk drawing. 90,000 sq. ft. (almost two football fields), 6,000 people (over 3,800 elementary school kids), two weeks, and a photograph by a satellite. The goal was to give the children a creative collaborative experience that they would remember, raise awareness and funds for the Arts in a school district with NO art teachers in the elementary schools. A book and documentary film have recently been completed about this project.

Dec. 2009 Wagner began Storybook Planet by creating the first page of the book in Caracas, Venezuela. It was a huge success! The next step of the project is to expand the Board of Directors, develop a team, create proposals, fund raise, design a new web site, and continue to take the show on the road. We like to create 2-5 large chalk drawings a year and cover all the major continents of the world.

Interested? Want a piece of this big creative adventure? Please get in touch by emailing:

For more information:

Wagner’s chalk drawing blog: reenchantingtheworldthroughart.blogspot

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

111 Posts

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Photo by Bruno Fabriani
Bruno is a wonderful street painter from Italy. I meet him when he came to help set our world record. He took a copy home of the original sketch and gave it out to kids to draw and color on.

SO what else is happening? I am working on growing our Board of Directors / Steering Committee. As the Global Illustrated Storybook begins to take off, we need a bigger base than just me. I'd like 3-5 other people who are passionate about the project, and about kids and art, and who want to play big and are serious about being involved.

Know anyone? Have them get in touch with me.

~Mark Wagner

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chalk ~ Kids ~ Venezuela

Mark Wagner and the younger artists of Venezuela

Photos are by Ana Moreno

I am still posting photos from my Dec. trip to Venezuela. My last post was showing the production team and the adult artists who were involved in the project - Creative Growth, the first chapter of our new Global Illustrated Storybook.

My next post will be more text and writing about the experience.