Monday, February 1, 2010

Storybook Planet

Photo from world record 2008, Alameda CA, USA

Finally came up with a name for the present project.
Storybook Planet
A Tale Drawn Around the World

Got the url:
Now we get to build a new site.

I also wrote a draft about the project, an ad for Craigslist for Board of Director and team players, and a Children's Museum proposal. If you are interested or know anyone, have them get in touch with us. We can work virtual.


Feb. 2010


• 2003 artist Mark Wagner had a vision about creating the world’s largest chalk drawing.

• Why? to raise awareness of the non existence of art teachers in the local elementary school district, to help raise funds for art teachers and supplies, and to give the kids a creative experience they would always remember.

• Five years later, after 2 years of hard work, it happened. 6,000 people (over 3,800 elementary school kids), 90,000 sq. ft. (almost 2 football fields), two weeks, and a photograph from a satellite 425 miles up.

• Guinness World Record award, 2010 book.

• The nonprofit, Re-Enchanting the World through Art was created out of this project. Mission: to support and inspire the creative spirit in youth and community.

• An 80 page book, Small Town ~ Big Vision and a 30 minute documentary film were produced and currently seeking publication and distribution.

• Next project begins: Storybook Planet. Five year project creating large community chalk drawing on all seven continents telling one big story.

• Goal is to create a global collaboration creative art experience that gives kids and communities a sense of belonging and contributing to something greater.

• Create a book to give to the United Nation and world leaders sharing the creative love!

• First page of the book - Dec. 2009: Caracas, Venezuela. 1,500 children and community chalk drawing over 2 days. Event combined with an one day 3D chalk drawing Master Class for professional artists. Extremely successful event.


Storybook Planet: Nonprofit for Board of Director and Team

Craigslist Draft

Storybook Planet: nonprofit global kids/community art project seeking board members and team.

Storybook Planet: A Tale Drawn Around the World. Interested in art, kids, local and global communities, and a big adventure? A five year global community art project is beginning and our nonprofit is expanding. We are looking for a few passionate, professional, fund raisers, design and media specialists, business and visionary leaders. Partime, possible paid positions as we get funded.

Artist Mark Wagner created a large community art project in 2008 that set a Guinness World Record for the largest chalk drawing. 90,000 sq. ft. (almost two football fields), 6,000 people (over 3,800 elementary school kids), two weeks, and a photograph by a satellite. The goal was to give the children a creative collaborative experience that they would remember, raise awareness and funds for the Arts in a school district with NO art teachers in the elementary schools. A book and documentary film have recently been completed about this project.

Dec. 2009 Wagner began Storybook Planet by creating the first page of the book in Caracas, Venezuela. It was a huge success! The next step of the project is to expand the Board of Directors, develop a team, create proposals, fund raise, design a new web site, and continue to take the show on the road. We like to create 2-5 large chalk drawings a year and cover all the major continents of the world.

Interested? Want a piece of this big creative adventure? Please get in touch by emailing:

For more information:

Wagner’s chalk drawing blog: reenchantingtheworldthroughart.blogspot

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