Sunday, March 2, 2008

Re-Enchanting the World Through Art


"Re-Enchanting the World Through Art" is a phrase that came to me several years ago when I was working with a friend and professional coach Patrick Summar. We were looking into what the heck I was doing here on the planet and what did I really want to do. Out of it all came my mission statement, to "Re-Enchant the World Through Art." This chalk project is the first of many project that the newly forming non-profit will create. That's pretty exciting!

Today, we chalk drew in front of Alameda High for the "Day of the Arts" celebration. Yesterday we chalk drew with the entire school body of Paden Elementary School. They have the nicest playground right on the water. I was able to pull my truck right up to the drawing area and use the stereo, and tailgate for chalk. Amazing connections with kids, they are so right on, interested, available, eager, little animals around color, and awesome artists.


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