Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guinness World Record - Official Document

Guinness World Record - Official Document

Mark Wagner, Founder of "Re-Enchanting the World Through Art" and the "Kids' Chalk Art Project" accepts an award from the PTA of Alameda County for his work with kids and the creation of the world's largest chalk drawing in 2008.

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Madoner said...

Thanks. Thank you for having given to me and my wife Paola, the opportunity to participate in your grandiose adventure and that of your 5000 Kids.
To have been June 6 th '08 to Alameda and participated, also for few times, to your Guinness, for us has been a honor that we will never forget. Thanks also to Tracy Stum, that told me if I wanted to participate as artist to help you and the Kids to this Guinness. Continues in this correct way Mark, continuous to give to stimulate to the boys, make to make him jobs in team, from the way of joining for a purpose in common. Thanks Mark for what you are doing and that you will do in the future. A honor to know you.

Bruno & Paola Fabriani