Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chalk Gods and the Wind Spirits


My job now is to buy CHALK, enough to cover the site, and extra for sale at the event for people/kids to buy to continue to fund raise for future creative art projects. Four chalks I have been looking at are from Koss, Prang, Colorations, and Loew Cornell.

All the big events use Koss, more expensive for our quantity but excellent quality, Prangs are big and nice but may be also out of our price, Colorations from Discount School Supplies (shown above) has a box of 160 pieces (the size of and adult thumb) and these look like they will work and be affordable, especially with a possible donation. Loew Cornell chalk is the best price but is light and disappears the fastest.

The next issue is WIND. Come late afternoon, the wind picks up and rolls in across the Base which is all open, so guess what..... our chalk blows and this is a new issue to deal with image and chalk dust wise. To be continued....

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