Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Two in the Zone

Day Two:
I found myself on site at 9am without any volunteer support and thought a class was about to arrive. Freaked out a little, our support did show, and the kids arrived safe and sound and we had a good work day - great kids, great parent, volunteer, and teacher support.

The community is extremely supportive. Rosenblum's is housing our chalk nearby in their warehouse. Doug D. with the Navy helped me get 30 + delineators (cones) to secure our site from cars that are ready to drive right over our project.
(Tetra Tech let us barrow these - thanks).

Thurs. will be a lighter kid load.

Sunday, June 1, we are inviting friends and family to come and work with us from 9am - noon +.


snowsparkle said...

waaaay cool!!! what a beautiful, reenchanting gift you are helping bring into the world.
big hugs,

Madoner said...

Nobody responds to my emails, but certainly you will be all very busy ones to the project.
I wanted only to know, since arrival from Italy, as it owes us to move for arriving from you. I will lodge with my wife to the DayInn-Alameda-Webster Street, therefore to around 2 miles from the naval base. Can we freely enter or will we need a permission? Only this I would like to know. I would like it, to give a small help to the boys, also for one day only. Great project.