Sunday, November 22, 2009

8,000 Pieces of Chalk to Venezuela

Friday I FedXed five boxes of chalk to Venezuela. 8,000 pieces of chalk and 10 bags of powered chalk. I had 2 cases of chalk that I unpacked and repacked into ziplock bags with air enclosed. This saved me so much space and weight, it was such a good idea.

The powered chalk is to cover larger areas with lines and shadows so that the children can then draw "inside the lines" (I know, who would of ever said that I would have kids do this). A line drawing really helps when making larger work that's hard or imposible to really see from the ground. It's the larger structure and story for holding in all the individuals creative energy that is hard or impossible to see from an airplane or satellite!

We do have Geoeye Satellite Imagery on board to photograph this work (weather pending) and future work for our Global Storybook Project that this Venezuela birthing the first chapter.

I am now completing my sketches for two drawings. One will be with 1,300 children over two days and the other with 100 art students in front of the Museum of Fine Art both in Caracas.

I leave next Monday morning, Nov. 30 and return on Dec. 7th. Here are two places I will be drawing.

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Raquel said...

Pleased to hear about the project in the Park this weekend considering the promotion of art and working with children. However we are concerned about the impact this may have on the pavement of stone where you're going to draw. We wonder whats happens when the painting is done, how many days it last and how should be the pavement treated to recover
We have a committee of Park users and we would like to share with you our knowledge and concern for this park. "Parque del Este" is a treasure for Venezuelan people, we are so proud of this beautiful and unique Park that has been acknowledge as the great masterpiece of landscape architecture in the XX century. The brasilian Roberto Burle Marx, the world-renowned landscape artist considered the “Jardinero de America”, and a wonderful architects team not only designed and built this beautiful park, they went beyond the borders of their studio, travelling all around the country collecting native flora and fauna that was displayed in a harmonius way in order to achive an outstanding exhibition whose purpose is mainly educative.
Unfortunetely these days the mantenaince of the Park is much less than proper, many fauna and flora have been lost, trees are sick and many have been cut down and the "worst news" is the government began building a museum that disfigures the original design of the park, the Proyecto Leander have being dug under the Lake #9,which was designed as a giant water mirror, and will negatively impact the Parque del Este. The Comitee, supported by all the associations of professionals in architecture and landscaping, has rejected this proyect suing the government. We keep claiming to stop the construction and impulse its urgent restoration.
We will try to contact you in the event so we can share ideas !