Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can You Believe It? Freak-Out....

Yes, my video card on my laptop died, can you believe it. And it can't be fixed in time before I go. Yes, I freaked out for a few minutes, then realized if I was really nice I could barrow my wife's. And yes, she said yes...whew. And now I'm now transferring files, software programs, and packing! I leave in 33 hours.

Here are beginning sketches for Sunday's drawing in front of the Museum of Fine Art, Cararas, Venezuela.

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Scott Constable said...

Congrats! You are probably en route- good luck with the adventure. I just wanted to comment that I've been similarly drawn to the character you've rendered, which appears to be kind of a universal archetype for the river goddess. It's also interesting that the figure is like the trident from Greek mythology, another water icon... I look forward to following your progress! xo Scott